6 Reasons Why You Need A TruPIM for Ecommerce

If you are on the fence about whether or not PIM is essential for your business, here are 6 reasons why you should seriously consider TruPIM.
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2023 is the year to simplify.. especially if you are managing your product content using multiple spreadsheets and legacy systems.  More and more merchants are recognizing the importance of having easily accessible and accurate product information in order to sell more, and faster. Enter the world of PIM… more specifically TruPIM

If you plan to have a Multi-Storefront now or in the future, this definitive guide will make a solid case for TruPIM integration, a scalable investment.

Let’s take a look at 6 important reasons why you need TruPIM to stand out and make your stores absolutely drool-worthy for your customers!


Affordable PIM solution

– The number one selling point for TruPIM is the value you will receive for the price. A variety of pricing packages are offered exclusively with $50/month savings for the first three months.  Packages starting at a one-time introductory price of $299/month are available for a limited time. Other packages are available based on SKU, user, and language counts, and the option to leverage APIs and expert onboarding assistance. When you evaluate the pricing of other comparable PIM solutions, you are investing anywhere from $1000-$3000 per month.  This may be fine for those who can afford this price but for other small and mid-size businesses that cannot invest in this amount, TruPIM is the solution. 


High quality and improved customer experience

– TruPIM is an essential tool for powerful merchandising. In order to deliver an “exceptional” product experience, you need  rich and consistent product content. Customers expect a great shopping experience no matter what they use to interact with a retailer or a brand whether it is B2B or B2C.  Complete, consistent, quick and accurate product information is a must nowadays in order to create a seamless omnichannel experience. Customer acquisition, brand reputation and sales! All hinge on ensuring your customers get extremely accurate and relevant product information in front of them.
    • Product structures and hierarchies in PIM significantly improve site navigation and performance directly resulting in improved customer experiences, for e.g., a customer comparing a product in different colors
    • Granular product details, rich and consistent titles & descriptions result in improved product visibility on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), winning the digital self
    • High quality product information nurtures trust in brands and helps customers with all the information they need to make a decision, resulting in boosted conversion rates. Low quality product content is a major reason for product returns and cart abandonment

Accelerate time-to-market

– Getting your products to market quickly is critical when looking at sales opportunities. This is particularly important to meet the latest trends and be prepared for the seasonal buying period. The shorter your time to market, the higher chances of prospects purchasing your products vs. your competitor’s. TruPIM and its connectors to your other enterprise systems is a frictionless solution to accelerate your time to market. Merchants can get to market fast by leveraging TruPIM features & its integrations:
  • Centralized product data management: A single source of truth makes it simpler to manage a constantly growing product database with current and perfectly organized product information, that is shared easily across departments, creating agile delivery of content to customers, partners, and employees
  • Eliminates manual processes: Automation reduces the risk of errors, duplications, and other inconsistencies, creating seamless workflows and shortening time to market
  • Bulk edits: When launch deadlines have to match lightning-fast market trends, TruPIM will allow you to run operations in bulk. For example, a change to an attribute common across many products, a family of products, or a category can be accomplished with just a few clicks and quickly synced to your sales channels

Automatic enrichment rules that save time

– No copy-pasting from clunky spreadsheets. One of the biggest upsides to TruPIM integration is automation. For the more ambitious businesses, investing in automation can pay-off long term dividends. TruPIM can help automate data enrichment and leave the user with extra time to focus on customer experience improvement and revenue generating activities. Agile data enrichment rules that infuse products with critical data, titles and descriptions, auto-linked assets, product recommendations, features, sale categories, URL keys, brand logos, etc. save users time typically spent on mundane and repetitive tasks. Other automation possibilities include:
  • Product Bundles Setup: Kits, Sets, Bundles, etc.
  • Product Associations Setup: Related SKUs, Cross-Sell SKUs, Up-Sell SKUs
  • Digital Asset Management: Bulk Image Onboarding from DAM or Other Systems, Linking to Products & Variants, Image Optimization, Image Sequencing, Metadata Enrichment, Image Expiration, Image URL Calculation, Thumbnail & Other Image Generation, Bi-Directional Integration with DAM System
  • Promo Price Calculations: Sale Price, Bundle Price Determination, Future Date Price Changes
  • Product Status Updates: Enable/Disable Products, Variants, and Kits
  • Reference Data Synchronization (ERP to PIM, PIM to eCommerce): Categories, colors, sizes, brands, styles, collections, vendor codes, etc.
Ecommerce sellers need a place to keep their product data sane and its management efficient. With TruPIM, you get a single view of your product data so everyone across the enterprise sees the same information. Product data structures offer limitless possibilities to organize and grow product assortments. PIM workflows foster tight collaboration between various teams in the organization; customer reps, product design, merchandising, marketing, copywriters, photographers, translators, and finance teams working in a streamlined manner towards a unified goal drives powerful results.  


Multi-Store synchronization

– As businesses are growing so is having multiple stores and managing all these online stores without a PIM like TruPIM can be costly, complex, and time consuming. It may involve duplicating product data sets for each store (multiple spreadsheet/systems), duplicating catalog updates processes across your stores and other integrated systems. Having TruPIM can make organizing, managing, and sharing multi-store data easy and help you scale your eCommerce efforts across different brands, stores, marketplaces, and regions.


Easy onboarding and other benefits for BigCommerce & Shopify Merchants

– TruPIM allows BigCommerce and Shopify merchants to migrate their eCommerce product catalog automatically into the PIM system so they can start using PIM within 2-3 days. TruPIM can be customized for your eCommerce channels like BigCommerce and Shopify with platform specific data accelerators and seamless commerce connectors for faster data synchronization.

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