Hyperscale Content Operations With PIM for BigCommerce

TruPIM lets you streamline, enrich, and sync product content seamlessly to BigCommerce and help you sell more & faster.
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The Need for PIM in Your Tech Stack

As experienced PIM providers and data management experts, we hear about the challenges BigCommerce merchants face managing product data within BigCommerce or Excel sheets and other legacy tools: systems being slow, inconsistent, and can get complicated every day with managing product data. For instance, if you have a large product catalog with multiple variations and brands, selling your products across multiple stores, regions, languages, or a Multi-Storefront then managing the data can really be a time-consuming task. Additionally, as your business grows, you may need to sell on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping, which further complicates the content management processes.

A popular eCommerce platform like BigCommerce can offer a range of features and tools to help businesses establish online presence. We love BigCommerce as the ecommerce platform… BUT sooner or later you will outgrow its data management capabilities and managing product information solely within BigCommerce will turn into a nightmare as your business grows. Only an enterprise PIM (Product Information Management) tool can help with this situation.. We are not saying “ditch” BigCommerce but “organize” products in PIM vs. BigCommerce. Why wait for it to happen?

Opportunities When Relying on BigCommerce for Product Data Management

Let’s explore the reasons why relying solely on BigCommerce for Product Information Management may not be a good idea, and how TruPIM ( PIM for BigCommerce merchants) can help you optimize your data operations for your BigCommerce catalog.

Here are some common challenges when relying only on BigCommerce to manage your product data:

 1. Complex Data Management: As your product catalog grows, organizing and managing products within BigCommerce becomes increasingly complex. Without advanced data management features, it gets challenging to maintain accurate and consistent product information, handle product variations, or manage bulk updates efficiently.

2. Cumbersome Manual Operations: For managing product data with BigCommerce’s dashboard, you may rely on manual input or editing, or Excel uploads, which are time-consuming and error-prone tasks. For example, updating prices, inventory levels, or adding new product images individually can be a lot to take on and hence leading to human error, especially when dealing with large product catalogs.

3. Risk of Data Loss: Storing all your product data exclusively within your BigCommerce store poses a risk of losing data. Accidental updates/deletions, technical glitches, security breaches, and server issues can potentially wipe out your valuable product data without the ability to recover it easily. Without a centralized system for your product data and regular backups, your business is exposed to the consequences of losing the lifeblood of your online store.

 4. Data Centralization & Enrichment Limitations: While BigCommerce provides basic data enrichment capabilities, it may not offer the extensive functionalities required for optimizing product data across various sales channels and marketplaces. To effectively market your products, reach a wider audience, and deliver an omnichannel experience, you need a single source of truth for your products, categories, brands, pricing, digital assets, etc., and the ability to enrich your product data with additional attributes, descriptions, images, documents, and videos. By solely relying on BigCommerce, you might miss out on opportunities to effectively showcase your products and maximize your online visibility across channels.

5. Limited Collaboration and Data Quality Control: BigCommerce provides the basic control over the visibility of your products but may lack collaborative features and quality control for your products making it challenging to streamline teamwork and ensure data accuracy. If you have a team responsible for managing product data, coordinating tasks, approvals, and maintaining visibility across different phases of data management then it gets crucial without a comprehensive platform that gives you the ability to avoid inconsistent data entry, inaccurate product details, or non-compliance with industry standards ensure customer trust, search engine visibility, and overall business credibility is intact.

Overcome These Challenges with TruPIM

TruPIM can address all the above challenges and more. Add TruPIM and its offering for BigCommerce to your tech stack and streamline the following:

 1. Product Data Centralization: TruPIM consolidates your product data (products, categories, brands, recommendations, pricing, inventory, digital asset, etc.) from various data sources into a single platform thus eliminating data silos. TruPIM becomes the single source of truth for your product information. 

2. Product Data Enrichment and Transformation: TruPIM makes it easier to enrich and transform data into BigCommerce-ready formats.

3. Data Synchronization: TruPIM enables you to automatically synchronize data changes to multiple BigCommerce stores or a Multi-Storefront instance.

 4. Workspace, Security & Access Control: TruPIM allows you to have a collaboration and approval process, role-based access controls, granular, functional, and system-level access controls, and enhanced security through email verification on user logins.

5. Bulk Editing and Import/Export: TruPIM allows manual and automated import/export jobs, powerful bulk edit, and sequential edit capabilities.

6. Content Readiness & Quality Insights: TruPIM ensures data quality standards by enforcing the degree of readiness by channel, identifying incomplete products, catalog error reporting, and more.

7. Platform Scalability: TruPIM can handle all product data volume scenarios and optimize data management processes seamlessly.  It is highly automated and customizable through APIs to adapt to specific business needs and integrate with your ecosystem.

By leveraging TruPIM’s technical and functional capabilities, you can streamline your product content operations, enhance data quality, accelerate time-to-market, expand your sales channels, and drive overall operational efficiency for your BigCommerce store(s).

More reasons to start leveraging TruPIM?

TruPIM as Your Differentiator 

TruPIM is an ideal PIM for BigCommerce merchants because along with enterprise-grade data management capabilities, it has pre-built apps and tools that make your catalog onboarding super easy. In addition, syncs your catalog updates to BigCommerce in real time. 

Here are some of the advantages of TruPIM. Offering small and medium businesses a robust, affordable, and highly automated solution for efficient product content management, collaboration, and scalability.

A Modern SaaS PIM

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Customer Support & Training

Dedicated customer support, success manager, and comprehensive training to assist you in implementing PIM end to end.

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